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Hello!  I am Beth Berry, creator, teacher, wife, mother of 4 daughters. Right now the latter defines the bulk of my time and energy. I make things and teach as time allows and try to keep my priorities straight.  

I love to design, sew, knit, and work with fiber, in general.  I have an obsession with vintage fabric.  I also find much happiness through running, rowing on Town Lake, gardening, reading, music, dancing and yoga.  I am inspired by all things beautiful and seek them in my daily existence.  Outside I feel most whole and love to sit and ponder the yonder.  

Being real though, I clean a whole lot, cook, tote the kids around, sew a little here, row a little there, answer constant requests (demands) for snacks/wiping/money/nursing.  There is usually someone crying or screaming in my vicinity, and if one room in the house gets clean it is at the expense of whatever room the kids currently occupy.  I do love it though (more so when I get breaks), and am learning that it is up to me alone to create happiness within myself despite the chaos around me. 

I taught myself to sew (with help from my crafty mama,) when I was pregnant with my first daughter 15 years ago.  I made dress after matching dress for the two of us.  Those were the days of domestic bliss (one kid, are you kidding?).  I learned to weave and make pottery and macramed like nobody’s business.  I studied environmental science in college, but found that sewing was the easiest way to make money from home while raising my girls.  I created a natural children’s clothing line called Green Beings in 2000.   We then created a few more children and I put money making pursuits on hold for a while.   I am finally emerging from the “mama fog” and am starting to see the light, which looks a whole lot like uninterrupted thoughts and completed sentences.  It’s a new beginning!

My husband is a keeper.  Adores his daughters, works hard and takes good care of me.   We share a passion for junk.  Estate sales, yard sales, going-out-of business sales are simply irresistable.  We’ve done some cool stuff together.  We met in college, ran an organic chicken ranch, moved to Taos and built earthships (check them out…pretty amazing), bought some land, lived in 450 sq. ft. with an outdoor kitchen and composting toilet for 3 years, had babies at home, traveled a bit in Mexico.  All these kids have humbled us a bit.  We’ve grown from young, idealistic and broke to a more realistic version of the same.  It’s been pretty good so far.

I look forward to sharing my time, space and creative energy with you.   Please contact me with your questions and suggestions.

Peace and love and all that jazz,



11 responses to “About Me

  1. Michelle

    I love your bio. It brought many smiles to my face. I’m excited to learn from you!

  2. rebecca

    i thought you looked familiar! i bought some boys overalls from you ages ago at blue genie after i had just my first son. nice to know we have something like this further south.

  3. kyla

    best bio statement ever! i’ve got to dig out some old photos of a. wearing one of your green beings dresses when she was a toddler. your class line-up looks great!

  4. everything looks super! congratulations!

  5. Linda

    You are truly livin’ the dream! Congratulations and power to the makers.

  6. Love it Beth. It all looks fantastic. Will definitely send folks your way.

    We miss Taos at school and you too.

    Hope all is well. It sounds so.

  7. It was fun reading your bio! Any chance of an earthship class…I’ll look for old tires and glass bottles 🙂 Hope to come to a class sometime and I’ll spread the word!

  8. Hi Beth! It was nice to meet you at the Winter Fair (I was there with Annie this afternoon). I just wanted to say that everything at your booth was so adorable!

    • gathercraft

      Thanks! It was nice to meet you, too. I appreciate your complements! I had such a great time yesterday amongst so much positive energy. Hard to believe the weather was so perfect considering Friday and today!

      Take care! Beth

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