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Beth Berry


4 responses to “Contact Me

  1. hi Beth, love your website! hope you’re well and we should get together sometime, neighbor.

    • gathercraft

      Thanks, Chasee! I’d love to get together! Send me an email and we can make it happen! How’s your new baby? Beth

      • uh oh, i didn’t even see your reply until now! so sorry! baby Marlow is awesome. he’s super sweet and so easy compared to my 1st boy. Beth, thank you so much for the ice cream. it was so delicious that i ate it all myself. it’s great to see your sweet girl too. we’re totally taken with her. i’m writing to invite you all to our halloween party. i’m making chicken and sausage gumbo as well as vegan/gluten free red beans. so if you all are out in the neighborhood or on your way somewhere else, please stop by for some food. we’d love to see you! we’ll be t-or-treating around 6, but will be here before and after. and i’m sure many of us will stay at the house during t-or-t time.

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